About Me

Born in September 1969, I began learning to play guitar at the age of 5, taught by my father who had been the lead guitarist in a 1960's pop group. However, my journey with the classical guitar began some 28 years ago when, as a young adult, I decided to have professional lessons. After several years of tuition (along with a lot of practice) I achieved grade 8 with Trinity College London. While I really enjoyed playing the guitar, and continued to hone my skills, I found that I loved passing on my knowledge even more, and in 2004 decided to pursue teaching as a full time career.

Since then, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of guitarists of all ages achieve their musical goals, whether that involves learning to play a single piece of music, or working towards the illustrious grade 8 themselves. To date I have entered well in excess of 200 students for graded examinations, with a 100% pass rate.

So, now you've heard a bit about my classical guitar journey, allow me to help you with yours...